About me


Dan Gray, MA MBA

Purpose-driven strategist. Renaissance man. Sustainability and social entrepreneurship advocate. Integrative thinker. Linguist. Author. Storyteller. Armchair anthropologist. Rugby nut. Germanophile. Amateur chef. Giant.

Depending on whom you ask, I’m a lot of different things. While that might seem messy to some, there’s method to the madness. What fuels me is a preoccupation with how business can reorient itself as society’s greatest problem solver.

I help organisations make meaningful strides in that direction by working with them to uncover (or rediscover) their purpose beyond profit; to reconnect business strategy and innovation to serving that higher social purpose; and to craft clear and compelling stories and thought leadership that bring that strategy to life for both internal and external audiences.

As a consultant in brand, corporate and sustainability strategy, I’ve worked with numerous leading creative agencies including IPG, MS&L Group and Seymourpowell. My work has crossed Europe, the US, the Middle East and China, helping to win new business and deliver major projects with clients including Barclays Capital, Etisalat, EY, Fullers, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Sainsbury’s, Savills and Tetra Pak.

In addition to being an Associate Director at EY, I’m also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Visiting Fellow of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, and author ofLive Long and Prosper: The 55-Minute Guide to Building Sustainable Brands‘.

If you like the cut of my jib and would like to connect, feel free to hook up with me on LinkedIn. Please note that the views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and not those of any of my employers, clients or their affiliates.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sarah Green

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry for the random comment here — I snooped through your site looking for an email address but came up short. I just ran across your Amazon review of Umair’s book, and wanted to connect with you directly so we can fix any editing errors in the next printing. (I’m Umair’s blog + book editor and thus the guilty party in question!)

    If you have a chance, can you shoot me a note at sgreen (at) hbr (dot) org so we can connect? I’d really, really appreciate it. Thanks!

    Sarah Green


  2. Mary Elizabeth Williams

    Mr. Gray- I too am looking to contact you. Cengage Learning would like to republish your article “Connecting Business Strategies with Social Progress,” in a textbook titled: Opposing Viewpoints: Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Please email me at maryelizabeth.williams@qbslearning.com.

    Thank you!



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