About this blog

Live Long and Prosper is the (not so) new home of what was previously known as CR Matters – a blog dedicated to bringing an intelligent mix of intellectual rigour, strategic thinking and creative insight to conversations around the development of corporate responsibility as a source of brand and competitive advantage.

Why the move? Quite simply, the name just didn’t fit any more. In the course of writing my book, I came to the very important realisation that CR was no longer an appropriate term to describe what I’ve been advocating. What I’ve really been talking about is sustainability.

What’s the difference? Well, the way I’ve come to see it, sustainability is about much more than just ethical behaviour and environmental stewardship. In its original and broadest sense, it’s about longevity – the capacity to survive and prosper over generations. Viewed in those terms, asking how a business is responsible and how it is sustainable become two very different questions. The latter is infinitely broader in scope, essentially: “Why will you still be in business in 50 years’ time?”

This brings sustainability into completely different territory – less about soft moral principles and more about hard business logic; less about peripheral philanthropy and more about core strategy and culture; less about reputation management and more about innovation and value creation. And that’s really what this blog is all about – sharing stories and ideas with people who’ve already made that leap in understanding, and hopefully helping the sceptics to suddenly “get it”.

Please note, the views expressed here are my own and not those of any of my employers, clients or any of their affiliates.

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