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Live Long and Prosper is one of a series of 55-minute guides co-created with Kevin Keohane – a series specifically conceived as the antidote to business books, guided by the simple principle that insight gained per minute spent reading should be as high as possible. Having achieved nothing but 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon, it’s now available for you to download for free as a PDF:

Live Longer and Prosper (2nd ed.)
Download your free PDF copy

So, what’s it all about then? Well, here’s the back cover blurb from the expanded 2nd edition, and some of the very nice things that some very smart people have said about it…


The combined forces of population growth, diminishing resources and increased public scrutiny are changing the rules of the game and – as an enlightened few have already recognised – no amount of peripheral greening is going to save the old order. Instead, these companies are practising real sustainability, moving beyond a world of trade-offs and discovering better ways to bigger profits by redesigning their businesses in the pursuit of shared value.

CSR is dead. Design for sustainability, on the other hand, looks set to become an increasingly powerful source of advantage. With his seven principles for building sustainable brands, Dan Gray not only explains why, but also serves up some valuable insights on what to do about it. When the alternative could be obsolescence, isn’t that worth 55 minutes of your time?


“This is a great book. Easy, practical and actionable.”

Paul Polman, CEO—Unilever

“Sustainability informs every decision we make, and makes every decision we make better. Dan Gray explains why and will get you on the road to how to rethink your business.”

Daniel T. Hendrix, Chairman and CEO—Interface

“CSR is dead. Corporate Sustainability is finally here and it’s asking a lot more of companies and their brands than CSR ever did. For those executives still not persuaded that all this ‘sustainability stuff’ is for them, this book is just great.”

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director—Forum for the Future

“Dan Gray may not be Dan Brown, but his 55-minute guide is a real page-turner.”

John Elkington, Co-founder—Volans Ventures

“As someone who works in the field and consults with some of the world’s biggest companies, I can honestly say that if I were given a chance to spend an hour locked in a room with a global CEO, to persuade him or her to think differently, I would seriously consider keeping my mouth shut and just handing over a copy of this.”

Dr Geoff Kendall, Co-founder & CEO—3D Investment Foundation

“As Dan Gray argues, more and more companies are seeing how sustainability must be part of core business, not simply a token add-on. This short, direct and engaging book will help anyone interested in this debate to get their head around key concepts and challenges.”

Matthew Taylor, CEO—RSA

“Dan Gray makes a powerful, well-argued case for the need to build sustainable brands that fulfil their contract with the environment as well as with customers. It’s the way forward, and this book shows us how.”

Jeremy Moon, Founder and CEO—Icebreaker Clothing

“A clear, concise and insightful summary of where Corporate Responsibility and sustainability is at. There isn’t a marketer in Britain who wouldn’t gain from giving an hour of their time to read and reflect on its contents.”

Giles Gibbons, Founder and CEO—Good Business

“Sustainability is no longer about adding cost to products, but about disruptive innovation and long-term survival on a planet with limited resources. There is no better compact book which succinctly makes the case as well as Live Long and Prosper.”

Simon Robinson, Co-author—Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter

“This is a great user manual for those coming to terms with the realisation that old fashioned corporate responsibility should be confined to the dustbin of history.”

Tony Manwaring, CEO—Tomorrow’s Company

“A fiendishly handy primer on turning sustainability into a source of brand and competitive advantage. All you need to know to get the big idea in less than an hour.”

Matt Gitsham, Director—Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability

“Dan Gray is doing something very important for the evolution of the sustainability debate in business. Cutting through the swathes of commentary that rely on a more technical case, he speaks directly and persuasively to those responsible for motivating employees, customers and consumers.”

Guy Champniss, Advisor to Havas and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

“A very skillfully crafted think-piece. Dan Gray’s argument that sustainability equals longevity is brilliantly thought-provoking.”

Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking—Wolff Olins

“A sensitive interpretation of the best contemporary business thinking and a compelling case for a systems-led approach to value creation. Dan Gray provokes the kind of inquiry that 21st century managers must make to innovate and succeed for the long term.”

Richard Eisermann, Former Director of Design and Innovation—The Design Council

“Dan’s book is a pleasure to read. Easy to devour in under an hour, it’ll reward you with some great insights into the subtleties of building a sustainable brand. Tickling your mind, making you think and bringing a smile,  it’s definitely a book to keep close to hand.”

Morag Hutcheon, Design Director—Quadro Design Associates, and British Female Inventor of the Year 2006

“You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, as my grandmother used to say. That’s what I like about this book, and why I use it prominently in one of my courses. Not just for sustainable neophytes, it offers refreshing perspectives for the grizzled veteran too.”

Phil Hamlett, Graduate Director—Academy of Art University, and Ambassador—The Living Principles

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