The ‘Both/And’ Manifesto

Happy New Year, everyone, and here’s wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

If you’re short of a New Year’s resolution, permit me to suggest a quick jaunt over to the Guardian’s Sustainable Business blog. There, once again, Caroline Holtum and the gang have very graciously lent me a platform to spout forth on the huge value to be unlocked by reconnecting business strategy to delivering social progress – this time in the form of my ‘Both/And Manifesto’.

Take a look and, if this feels like a credo you can sign up to, then please spread the word!

PS. A tip o’ the hat to Rob Cameron, Executive Director at SustainAbility, who, when I shared this with him a few weeks back, suggested replacing the ‘thick/thin’ value terminology with ‘deep/shallow’. His reasoning? While the ‘thick/thin’ dichotomy works fine when both concepts are placed in juxtaposition, they’re not terms that are likely to carry a whole lot of meaning if they get used in isolation. I think that’s a great shout. Thanks, Rob!


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