Thumbs up from Unilever’s Paul Polman

I like surprises.

Like returning from holiday this week, firing up my email, and finding a personal message in my inbox from one of the world’s most impressive and influential business leaders – Unilever CEO, Paul Polman – with some very kind words about the 2nd edition of Live Long and Prosper.

Following another spontaneous bout of ‘brass neck syndrome’ a few weeks back, I mailed three copies of the book to him, Sir Richard Branson and Dame Ellen MacArthur – the former two in their shared capacity as leaders of The B Team; the latter as founder of her eponymous foundation aiming to accelerate our transition to a more sustainable, circular economy. (More accurately, my wife mailed them for me and, by all accounts, it raised an eyebrow or two at the local post office!).

Harking back to my previous post, the fact that Paul should even have read the book is yet further proof in support of the 55-minute guide concept – offering busy executives the most possible insight and taking from them the least possible time.

The fact that he enjoyed it enough to write and tell me he thought it was great is obviously very nice too! If it’s good enough for the CEO of one of the world’s most influential companies – currently ranked number one in GlobeScan’s Sustainability Leaders’ poll – then it should be good enough for anyone.

Order your copy here.


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