Could Jeremy Moon be the new Ray Anderson?

Blog posts from me, it would appear, are like London buses – none for ages and then two come along at once!

Having mentioned the utterly brilliant outdoor clothing company, Icebreaker, in a couple of posts – and figuring there are probably still a lot of folks out there who know little or nothing about them – I thought it might be worth sharing this TV interview with company founder, Jeremy Moon.

Icebreaker, for me, is rapidly becoming the new Interface – another living, breathing example of how companies can do extraordinarily well by putting sustainability at the heart of business.

Witness the extent to which Icebreaker has managed to completely buck the downward trend in retail – a company that started in a guy’s bedroom 15 years ago in New Zealand now turning over $120 million, with a presence in over 3,000 outlets in 37 countries, and set to re-double in size over the next few years.

Witness, too, Jeremy’s emphasis on a singular clarity of purpose and his exquisitely simple treatise on the powerful combination of differentiation and meaning that his biomimetic, merino-wool product delivers – one that commands a premium price not on the basis of its sustainable credentials alone, but because those credentials actually translate into a superior product that outperforms its less sustainable, synthetic alternatives (rather like Puma’s clever little bag I posted about a few months back).

And what wonderfully modest, natural and authentic delivery too!

All-in-all a thoroughly impressive and switched-on bloke…


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