Frei nach Konrad Lorenz (as they say in Germany!)

Here’s another wonderfully soundbitable snippet from Stephen Bungay’s book, The Art of Action, generally attributed to Austrian psychologist, Konrad Lorenz.

We’ve all seen the stats on how often change efforts fail as a result of poor communication, and I think the sequence of statements below is potentially a very valuable lens for pinpointing why.

As you read them, I’d ask you to pause and reflect on your own experiences – whether at the helm, or on the receiving end, of change communication.

Where, for you, do the wheels tend to fall off?

And given that anything beyond item 2 is not in the exclusive gift of the change folks (NB my oft-cited mantra about how the messages implicit in organisational design and culture will always trump those explicit in formal communications), how and with whom do you think the most effective partnerships can be forged to make this stuff happen?

What is seen is not yet heard…

What is heard is not yet understood…

What is understood is not yet believed…

What is believed is not yet advocated…

What is advocated is not yet acted on…

What is acted on is not yet completed.

I’d be interested in your thoughts.


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