Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist

It’s one thing for young companies to embrace sustainability from birth (folks like Icebreaker in New Zealand, for example). However, as ACBAS’ Nick Ceasar rightly inferred in his comment on a previous post about creating short-term value through long-term sustainability-centricity, it’s quite another for commercial supertankers with enormous fixed asset legacies to do so.

That’s precisely why the story of Ray Anderson and his company, Interface, is so important – a story that’s just been released in an updated paperback edition of his book, Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist – and thanks to the relationship struck up with Ray over the past couple of years, I’ve got a signed copy to give away.

It’s is an incredibly lucid and heartfelt explanation not only of the why of sustainable business, but also the how – an extraordinary tale of how a petroleum-intensive business that was already a global leader in its field (the production of modular carpet) set about a root-and-branch transformation with a singular purpose:

To take nothing from the earth that can’t be naturally and rapidly renewed by the earth – not one fresh drop of new oil – and to do no harm to the biosphere.

For those in the know – which includes, btw, people like Lee Scott and Mike Duke of Wal-Mart, who turned to Ray to mentor them – there’s no more impressive example of the business value of sustainability; no story that so shatters the myth that profitability and sustainability are mutually exclusive:

  • Greenhouses gas emissions cut by 94% (makes the US turning its nose up at a Kyoto target of 7% by 2012 look a bit daft, doesn’t it?!)
  • Fossil fuel consumption down 60%
  • Waste and water use both cut by 80%
  • (And here’s the real kicker) Sales up 66% and earnings doubled in the process, not to mention a whole slew of groundbreaking product and process innovations.

Now, if that’s got your attention, and you’re keen to learn more, why not head over to Amazon and buy your copy now?

Alternatively, make your case and I’ll send you that signed copy for free.


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