Now that’s what I call “living the brand”

Anyone who’s read postings on this blog and the CommScrum will know that I’m a big fan of Tim Brown (the Godfather of Design Thinking) and the work of his firm, IDEO.

One of my favourite TED talks is one that Tim gives is on the creative power of play, and there’s a brilliant example of this in a guest post about LEGO on David Taylor’s BrandGym blog. In this case, it also happens to be an equally fabulous example of employees living the brand…

As Anne Charbonneau explains, in 2008, one of LEGO’s factories faced serious problems with noise levels and working conditions. Instead of bringing in some specialist, the workers pulled their sleeves up applied the same resourcefulness and creativity with which kids use LEGO, using a few boxes of bricks to prototype a better workplace.

The project leader is quoted as saying:

We built a model of the problem in LEGO bricks, and it becomes visible to everyone without even words. They used Duplo Lion, for example, to signify high noise spots. A LEGO garden fence can represent all sort of physical and symbolic barriers or obstacles.

Don’t know about you, but I think this is bloody genius. And effective too, according to Anne. Apparently 2 days of play brought 21 tangible ideas for workplace improvements.


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