Is “Beyond Petroleum” the biggest piece of greenwash ever?

Take a look at my contribution to the latest round on the CommScrum. I’d be really interested to hear other people’s views on BP and whether anyone can come up with better (or should that be ‘worse’?) examples of greenwash.


4 thoughts on “Is “Beyond Petroleum” the biggest piece of greenwash ever?

  1. Kevin

    To be fair, Lord Brown was committed to beyond petroleum and Tony Hayward, a “black energy man”, inherited it and promptly moved to cut off most funding to alternative energy (until the price of oil went back up).


    1. Dan Gray Post author

      Maybe so, but the investment in renewables was always way too marginal to make the “Beyond Petroleum” positioning anything close to being authentic. Worth checking out a nice post from Alan Brew on this subject –


  2. Dan Gray Post author

    Great point, Sean.

    You’ve no doubt read the amazing example of the lost Scorpion submarine at the beginning of James Surowiecki’s “Wisdom of Crowds”.

    For anyone who hasn’t, faced with an almost impossible search of a cylinder of water some 20 miles in diameter and thousands of feet deep, some bright spark came up with the idea of bringing together a motley crew of mathematicians, sub experts and salvage men and asking each individual to come up with their best guess as to the location. The aggregation of those individual guesses, it turns out, came to within 220 yards of the ship’s actual location!

    Capping a well head ought to be child’s play by comparison.



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