Kevin Keohane on redefining communication

With eyes firmly fixed on my Saudi project, and trying to keep up with the ever-expanding interest in our fledging CommScrum movement (not to mention the ins and outs of the UK election), I’ve rather neglected my RSS feeds of late and what pals are saying on their own blogs.

In a recent CommScrum post, I made the (admittedly rather glib) remark that the words “business”, brand”, “sustainability” or “engagement”, when inserted in front of the word “strategy”, actually mean the same thing.

What I was trying to get at was that, in essence, they’re all just subtly different dimensions of the same activity; whilst the lens or entry point may be different, really great work tends to begin with a fundamentally similar process of investigation into strategic context – preferably drawing on ideas from across different disciplines and fields of inquiry to reach a deeper understanding of the business and a given project’s place within it, so that everything naturally and inexorably pulls in one direction.

I’ve just read this fantastic post by Kevin Keohane on his Death to Internal Marketing blog. Not only does he develop and articulate the point far better than me, but he also highlights the urgency with which incumbents in the field of brand and business communications need to wise up or face a major turf-grab by the big management consultancies.

Check it out, and keep an eye on the CommScrum, this and Kevin’s blog for more as we continue to develop our thinking on this.


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