Goodbye volcanic dust clouds, hello sandstorms!

Who’d be an Icelander, eh? What with the Icelandic banks’ lead role in the financial crisis, and now the volcanic eruption (the latter, admittedly, nothing that anyone could do anything about), Iceland is gaining something of an unwanted reputation for buggering up other nations’ economies!

Anyhoo… now that the British government has satisfied itself that planes aren’t going to plummet out of the sky – a serious enough risk at any time, let alone weeks before a general election – I can relax a bit, safe in the expectation that my flight to Riyadh this weekend will actually happen.

And so begins a six-month stint in Saudi Arabia, embedded in my client’s business, helping them to forge and implement a new sustainability strategy.

I can’t wait to get cracking on what is undoubtedly the most exciting, challenging and scary project I’ve ever taken on.


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