Sustainability is a religion – it’s official!

My wife told me about this fantastic story yesterday. A guy who claims he was unfairly dismissed on the basis of his views on climate change has been granted permission to take his former employer to tribunal.

Apparently, the essence of the judge’s ruling is that belief in man-made climate change constitutes a philosophical belief (not merely a political one) and is therefore protected by equality regulations concerning freedom of religion.

Can’t wait for the next UK Census now! =)


3 thoughts on “Sustainability is a religion – it’s official!

  1. Neil McCrossen


    It’s a very interesting case. The company employed Mt Nicholson as head of sustainability. He clashed with the directors when he tried to implement the ‘green’ policies that were laid out nicely in the annual report.
    And guess what? the next thing he finds is that his job has been made redundant!

    It looks like a classic case of marketing ‘green’ credentials whilst ignoring it all in their day-to-day actions.

    I was so sad to see this. Call me old fashioned, but I thought that businesses had grown up and realised that sustainability is not just a marketing opportunity…


  2. Dan Gray Post author

    You’re not old-fashioned, mate. I share your sadness. It’s like I said in the redux of my post on CSR and the recession – the fact that the original still gets more hits than any other post, over one year on, just goes to show how little things have changed in the minds of most people.

    The chalk and cheese world of “CR as reputational bolt-on” versus “Sustainability as key driver of innovation” came over loud and clear in a Radio 4 programme the other day too (more on that in a bit when I get around to writing a proper post).



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