A thumbs-up from Jonathon Porritt

If you’ve taken a look at the About my book page, you’ll have gathered that I’ve been busy gathering opinions on “Live Long and Prosper” from a variety of leading lights in the worlds of brand, design and sustainability, prior to publication.

In a true road test of the whole concept behind it – an antidote to heavy-duty business books that business leaders can read cover-to-cover in the course of a single journey – Jonathon Porritt’s just read it on a flight out to Shanghai. And he really likes it.

What started out as an interesting intellectual exercise (to see if I could condense various musings into a clear, concise and coherent thought-piece) has turned into something really exciting, and is opening doors to conversations with some incredible people – from sustainability gurus like Jonathon and Ray Anderson, to people at the vanguard of Design Thinking like Marty Neumeier and Tim Brown at IDEO.

12 months ago I’d never have dreamt of writing a book, now I’m so glad I did. Seriously, if you’ve got something to say, don’t keep it to yourself. Get writing. You never know where it might lead…


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