The business logic of sustainability

It’s been a while since I visited TED and its Greener Future talks. Nice, then, to return and find a recently posted presentation by Ray Anderson, Chairman and CEO of Interface Inc.

Regular readers will know that I’ve referred to the Interface story many times as a powerful example of the commercial value of sustainability when adopted as a fundamental design value.

If you’re not familiar with the story, if you think that CR is all fluffy stuff and PR, or you’re convinced that sustainability and profitability are mutually exclusive, then you really need to check this out. It’s thought provoking and inspiring stuff…


2 thoughts on “The business logic of sustainability

  1. Daniel Montano

    Even as we are greatful for the promotion of ideas within technology forums we have to remain critical of technology at the same time.

    We need well-promoted forums like the one you feature here to emerge…outside of the framework of technology.

    Technology is a tool. It doesn’t need to be the ‘box’ from within we solve all problems.


  2. Dan Gray

    I think that’s precisely what makes Ray’s speech so thought-provoking. He’s talking about fundamental redesign of the industrial system (perhaps even a re-shaping of our entire value system as a society). That goes way beyond just the application of new technologies.



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