Green AND sexy – introducing the new MacBook Pro

It’s a pretty tangential claim to fame, I know, but my father was the first to recruit Jonny Ive out of university – a guy now justifiably recognised throughout the world as a design genius.

As a result, I’ve always had a soft spot for Apple – something that’s been continually reinforced by the seemingly effortless elegance and simplicity of their designs, and the appeal that (despite being characterised by some as a lifestyle brand) Apple’s “coolness” is firmly rooted in genuinely innovative engineering.

The new MacBook Pros are a case in point (see the launch here), utilising the same technology used in the production of the stunning MacBook Air.

The case is machined from a solid block of aluminium, producing a machine that’s not only thinner, lighter and more robust, but also infinitely more recyclable. And that’s just the start…

The LED-backlit display requires 30% less power and, unlike conventional CCFL displays, is both mercury and arsenic free.

Similarly, unlike other manufacturers who have only pledged to remove PVC and brominated flame retardants from enclosures and circuit boards, Apple has removed all forms of bromine and chlorine throughout the whole machine.

Oh, and the packaging is nearly 40% smaller too.

The embedding of such green components in Apple’s constant quest for innovation adds yet another good reason (as if I needed one!) to head for the Apple Store for my new notebook.

There’s no compromise here. This is high-performance, green and sexy, and that’s got to be a winning combination.


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